Monday, 29 April 2019

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We selll Facebook pages to clients all around the world to help promote your business and reach your targeted audience.

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Sunday, 19 August 2018

What happens when you hit my girl

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Thursday, 16 August 2018

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram within 24 hours (1000% effective)

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How To Whiten Your Teeth at Home in 5 Minutes

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Would you do this to a friend? (Funny)

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Friday, 6 July 2018


The most anticipated season in the entertainment industry; Hennessy Artistry, is officially back this July!

Celebrating the world’s premium cognac brand with amazing music experiences, the biggest music artistes and the most promising talents, this season brings with it the most exciting innovations and events’ line up.

Since 2009, the Hennessy Artistry platform has become an integral part of Nigeria’s social fabric – creating iconic moments and collaborations within the Entertainment Industry across various music genres

In the spirit of Hennessy’s tagline - The Art of Blending, this year’s Artistry will be a fusion of the best of Nigeria’s musical talent from the mouth –watering selection of the nation’s hottest rappers to the upcoming acts that will battle for this year’s VS Class crown. Our Headliners include a line-up of musical royalty who will thrill audiences across the country during our Club tours and Artistry concerts.

Strap yourself in for a breath-taking ride as Hennessy brings the best of Nigerian Artistry to your cities and screens.
“Hennessy Artistry has always been the benchmark entertainment platform in Nigeria. This year, we intend to exceed all expectations: delivering unforgettable consumer experiences. For the first time in Artistry history we'll be holding Live auditions for VS Class S IV to accommodate more of the teeming rap talent we have in the country" – Oluwole Awoleke, Brand Manager Hennessy & Spirits

You can join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #HennessyArtistry2017, #HennessyCypher & #HennessyVSClass

Hennessy Artistry is proudly supported by Trace TV, The Beat 99.9 FM

Facebook: @hennessynigeria
Twitter: @hennessynigeria
Instagram : @hennessy_ng
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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Hammer Knife Test

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Monday, 27 February 2017

News: Samsung galaxy S8 tobe unveild on March 29

Samsung is set to unveil the long anticipated Galaxy S8 which received alot of hype over the past few months 
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Monday, 21 November 2016

How to check the first tweet of anyone on Twitter

Ever wondered what the first tweet of your favorite celebrities might be? Well, there's a way you can check the first tweet of anyone on Twitter with ease. This is really fun because you will get to see some dumb tweets of you your favourite celebrities,Cool right??  without wasting much of your time, Click the Link below to check the first tweet of anyone.

🔗Check the first tweet of anyone on Twitter

Once the page opens, just type the twitter handle you want to check and tap Search, the first tweet of that handle will appear within 3sec.
Below are some screenshots of Justin Bieber,Selena Gimez, Davido and wizkid, have fun with it and share your experience in the comments box below.

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly drop it in the comments box below. We will get back to you Asap!

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to Activate 4G LTE service on MTN,GLO and ETISALAT

In case you don't know, 4G LTE is the new tech trend in Nigeria. It all started when NTEL first introduced the service back in July which received alot of hype. Introduction of 3G lite is a huge advancement in the telecom industry, because now that most Nigerians are connected to the internet, various brands tend to run their business online, and with the introduction of 4G LTE, everything will be much more easier and faster.

Incase you don't know, 4G LTE is so fast it can load a page of 2-3mb with a second and the download speed is pretty fast, unlike 3G that gives 600-800 kb/s 4G LTE has an average download speed of 4-6 mb/s which can download files of 1-2GB within 15min, awesome right?

We all know MTN is the leading mobile telecommunication in Nigeria. MTN is literally the network provider in Nigeria that launches any telecom upgrade first, but this time  they let their guard down and became the second Network to kickoff 4G LTE service after NTEL.

How to activate MTN 4G LTE
First, you need to verify your Sim to check if 4G service ia available in your location. To do this, simply send 4G to 131 via SMS. If the service is available in your area you will get a response like the one below:
Yello! You need to upgrade your SIM card and device to enjoy MTN 4G LTE. …Visit the nearest MTN store or partner retailer to upgrade your old 3G sim card to a 4G LTE Sim.
Glo is the third network provider to launch 4G LTE service in Nigeria. As we all know GLO is the only network provider in Nigeria that has the cheapest data plan, things got even better with the introduction of 4G LTE because you can now buy 3.2GB for N1000 naira only, this plan is only available on GLO.

How to activate GLO 4G LTE
First, you need to check if your device is compatible. To do this, simply send 4G to 400 via SMS. Once your sim is activated, you needno to visit any GLO service center to swap your old 3G SIM for the new 4G sims.

Unlike other networks, you don't need a sim swap to enjoy ETISALAT 4G LTE because all ETISALAT sims are already 4G LTE enabled.
According to  Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Matthew Willsher,

Etisalat 4G LTE service offers seamless and superior customer experience through efficient broadband internet and uninterrupted connectivity to clearer voice calls. We are the only GSM network whose subscribers do not need to swap their SIM cards before they can enjoy 4G LTE because all Etisalat SIM cards are already 4G enabled.
He also added that the New 4G LTE from etisalat has the widest range of devices so most subscribers can immediately begin to enjoy 4G LTE on Etisalat’s network without having to change devices.
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Friday, 11 November 2016

Top free browsing cheat that are still working

I have posted numerous free browsing cheat codes on this blog over the past few months, some of them are still working while some has been blocked by the network providers. So, I have decided to draft a list of the top free browsing cheat codes that are still working flawlessly.

If you are new to the concept of "free browsing", then you've been missing out on an amazing opportunity, especially if you are the type that download huge files.Free browsing cheat codes provide us a shoulder to cry on whenever we run out of data or when we are too broke to subscribe for data plans, especially now that everyone is complaining about the current situation of the country. So, if you are interested, sit back and relax as I walk you through  how you can set up free browsing on your phone

Good News! Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing is back! . The sad part of this cheat is the data cap, the cheat come with 60mb exclusive to etisalat sim. So if you have 2 to 3 etisalat sim, that's 180mb of free browsing everyday. As we all know etisalat cheats are very fast and stable when downloading. So, kindly follow the steps below to enjoy the cheat:

Name: Techgeez
Apn: Etisalat
Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank
Username: leave it blank
Password: leave it blank

First, this cheat works flawlessly on psiphon 140, so if you dont have psiphon 140 on your phone, kindly download it from this link Download psiphon140

After you've successfully installed it, laumch it and tap STOP.
Click on HANDLER MENU and delete every you see on Proxy server , DNS1 and DNS2 leave the rest as it is.
Now, input the settings below:

Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:  OR (
Proxy type: (HTTP

Now, tap save and it'll connect within 5 seconds. The cheat is currently blazing and stable so feel the speed and enjoy!

Glo unlimited free browsing has been blazing for months but does not download fluently, if you are facing this problem, today is your lucky day. Click here to get Glo unlimited free browsing . Follow the steps and enjoy.

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly drop it in the comments box below. We will get back to you Asap!
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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Get free airtime and data with MTN surprise package

If you could remember MTN first launched "Season of surprise package back in 2015 which received alot of hype, because many people benefited from the service. If you are one of the unlucky people that missed out on the first surprise package, well, you are in luck because MTN just launched yet another surprise package exclusive to eligible subscribers.

The new surprise package is tagged (#SeasonOfSurprises #Just4U (The new surprise package offers free airtime, data and talk time to MTN subscribers. Each subscriber has an exclusive surprise package, so what I get will be different from what you get.

To enjoy this offer, simply dial *124# on your mtn line, and you will receive your surprise package immediately.

That's all

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly drop it in the comments box below. We will get back to you Asap!
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How to Download with Glo Unlimited free browsing via UC MINI handler

Glo unlimited free browsing has been blazing for months but does not download fluently, if you are facing this problem, today is your lucky day, sit back and relax as I walk you through how you can download huge files with it.

  • No speed throttling
  • Does not power all apps
  • The cheat works on UC mini handler only
  • Its unlimited
NOTE! For this cheat to work, You must be on Glo pay as you go (PAYU). Simply text PAYU to 127 to migrate. After that, you will get a welcome message from Glo immediately.
Apn: gloflat
Apn type: default  
Proxy: leave it blank    
Port: leave it blank

If you dont have Uc mini handler, you can
Download it here
After you've successfully installed it, launch it and input the configuration setting's below:
  • Device user agent: (Select Android
  • Web user Agent: (select opera or safari
  • Handler download limit: 9999999991
  • Tick remove port
  • Proxy Type: Real host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Type: Default or HTTP
  • Real Proxy Port: 80
Save and start surfing.....

To download movies, games and music videos.Copy the download link of the file you want to download
  • After that, open a new tab and goto ( or
  • Long press the URL box and paste the download link
  • It will pop up (german.php or (browse.php, clear the browse.php or german.php, put the name of the file you want to download e.g "Lord of the rings"
  • After that, end it with .Mp4 or .3gp format
  • For music files, rename it to .mp3
After that, click on download and it will start downloading immediately.
If you have any question or suggestion, kindly drop it in the comments box below. We will get back to you Asap!

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